"I'd Rather Prefer
   Not To Speak
   About Politics

I`d Rather Prefer Not to Speak about Politics tonight
For many years, AllArtNow gather us together to work, dream and plan about arts and about our tomorrow.
The space was full of arts and dreams. We believe that by our humble work, we could change for a new life to come, put remarks and maybe the new generation will come to have a better life.
We planned our future and we thought that we know where we are going but we found ourselves in a high storm since 2011, we stopped all our plans, found ourselves strayed and painful
Our plan has changed; we started to obtain new visions moreover our space also plays a new role since 2012; AllArtNow turned from an independent art space aimed to bring a change in the cultural art scene in Damascus, to a tolerant space who offers safety to its new companions where Allartnow closed its door to be refuge for some families who fled from the conflict and the violence in the suburb of Damascus.
The artists as all Syrians feel broken, contradictory, painful, full of emotions and the feeling that they lost their future.
We have been dispersed, try to obtain new plan and new goal. Some of us stayed in Syria, keep the hope that tomorrow "something" will happen and we will be able to fix our life, resolve our problems and come back to dream about our tomorrow.
Others left the country, try to find alternative space for their future and keep the hope that tomorrow "something" will happen and we will be able to fix our life and to decide about our tomorrow.
But I think all of us we keep asking: did we lost our space, our ambitious, our dreams forever or tomorrow the storm will calm down and we will be able to rebuild our life and our space to be better than before?
Tonight, I`d rather prefer not to speak to you about politics but about two of AllArtNow artists.
Muhammad Ali stayed in the country, keep the hope that soon he will come back to his dream, his work and his life
Nisrine Boukhari left Syria in September 2012, try to find alternative space for her dream, her work and her life
Both of them took the risk full of  hope to gain a goal or to get some "chance".
They are playing a gamble game on their future and their life; no plan, nothing clear and nothing for sure, they only keep some hope and believe that they will win their life.
Tonight, I will leave this alternative space to these 2 artists to tell you something about themselves...Would you find time to them.

The artists in the show: 

Muhammad Ali

"366 Days Of 2012"

In my project, I am weaving the myth of my time and my place, where I am vagrant inside my life, traveler in my isolated locked place
I am drawing my visual witness through 366 figures to archive my 366 days of year 2012.
Through my work, I am drawing my personal diary to archive my 2012 from my personal view.

Nisrine Boukhari

“Unreceived letters ”, 2014 (the work continues) 
Since I left Damascus in September 2012 I didn’t come back till now , I started to write a quick notes everyday about what is in my mind about the city I lived in.

These small notes let me feel that I am still in relation with my place while I am living my loneliness out of it.

Started from personal experience , and the study case of the city in conflict which is forming the main research in my work right now.

through the language I’m using, I draw in words a psycho-geographic map of a city in exile, saying something about a state of the image.