In 2005, the artist Nisrine Boukhari and the curator Abir Boukhari founded the organization AllArtNow. 
It is the first independent collective space in Syria dedicated to contemporary art. AllArtNow worked to introduce contemporary art practice in Syria and create opportunities for artists to learn through informal education, create artworks, disseminate through exhibiting, and exchange with international artists through residencies, exhibitions, and workshops.
An abandoned old damascene house serves as the art laboratory for AllArtNow. It is a hub for emerging artistic practice and a gathering spot for local and international artists and audiences. 
The organization opened two additional spaces in 2011: a hall for exhibiting and organizing cultural events (Maktab; Creative Zoon) and a residence house (Boukhari residence) to host international artists and organize exchange residencies.
In 2009, we inaugurated the first contemporary art festival (Living Spaces) and in 2011, we opened an informal contemporary art school (Studio1).
The organization closed its doors in Syria at the end of 2012 and provided AllArtNow space for Syrian refugee families. Afterwards, we began to act as a mobility space, launching the initiative "AllArtNow on Move". 
Being in a state of mobility, the organization has been invited to various institutions abroad, where it is attempting to adapt to other places in temporary forms, curating art events, and figuring out how to maintain the structure of an organization in a state of contingency.
2019 marked the beginning of a new chapter for us, as we launched an art space in Stockholm called AllArtNowLab. 
We see this space as an art project that explores how art space can be relocated, regenerates a vision, supports the local art scene in a new homeland, and functions as a crossroads for several cultures.
Since its establishment, AllArtNowLab has acted as a meeting ground for local and international artists, curators, and audiences.
Our success emerges from partnerships with local, regional, and international entities, strengthening our dedication to redefining the role of art spaces in promoting cross-cultural dialogue and creative expression.
We curated a variety of projects while focusing on curatorial practices by hosting a number of guest curators and organizing a series of art residencies in
Sweden and abroad in collaboration with several partners.
Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new life , 
(article published about AllArtNow in 2014)
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