Abir Boukhari

From Damascus-Syria

Based in Stockholm-Sweden


Phone No: 0765798955

Co-Director of AllArtNow organization, 2005 to Date



Background and education

- Graduated from Curatorlab, Konstfack University, Stockholm, Sweden (awarded Ulla Froberg-Cramers scholarship)

- Training about "Audience Development for Art Institutions" Museums Akademie, Vienna/Graz, 2014

- Course about conflict resolution, reconciliation and tolerance through art, Washington DC/Austin/Santa Fe/NYC, 2012

- Curatorial internship with Hamburger Bahnhof museum, Oct-Nov/2012

- Cultural management workshop with Goethe institute, 2012

- Curatorial Internship with Tate Britain, Aug/2009 to January/2010

- Course in “Cultural Value” Academia Vitae/Deventer, Netherlands, July/2009

- Cultural management workshop “Melopee5” France, Nov 2008

- International young creative entrepreneur program, British council, UK, Oct08,

- Curatorial workshop Townhouse Gallery, May/2007

- Cultural management workshop, Amman, Nov/2007

- Training about project management in development society (Training in 4 phases) UNDP, Syria, 2008/2009

- Short Courses in business administration and management at Damascus Commercial Chamber, 2003/2004

- Achieved French Literature faculty at Damascus University, Syria, 1999

- Participate in several programs for Euro-Med:

Relaunch Euro-Med Youth Platform, Malta, 2008,

Dialogue & Cultural diversity, Amman, 2008

Shorouk training about youth Exchange, Rome, 2008

Intercultural dialogue program, Damascus, 2008

        Euro-Med Youth Platform, Alexandria, Dec07



- “Thoughts on a Vague Road” Sormlands Museum, Nykoping, 2019/2020

                                                  Ebeling Museum, Torshälla, Sweden, 2019

                                                  World Culture Museum, Gothenburg, 2017/2018

- "Meeting Of Minds" AllArtNowLab, Stockholm, 2019

- "Something Can happen Beyond Expectation" Spisrummet Konsthall, Karlstad, 2019/2020

                                                                             WIP Konsthall, Stockholm, 2018

                                                                             Swab Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain, 2017

                                                                             Rostrum Gallery, Malmo, Sweden, 2017

- "The City Shines Everyday with New Stories" WiP Konsthall, Stockholm, 2019

- "Archives: Itineraries to the Future", Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm, 2019

- Co-curated “Waypoint-Algeria” AllArtNowLab, Stockholm, 2019

- “Narratives from the City” FilmForm Archive, Stockholm, 2018

- “Your Pain Isn`t a Burden” Detroit Stockholm, 2018

- "Museum of Preserving City" Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland, 2017

                                                        Botkyrka Kunsthall, Fittja, Sweden, 2016

- co-curated “Mat and Konst festival” Botkryka festival, Fittja, 2017

- "AllArtNow in residence Botkyrka" Botkyrka residence, Fittja, Sweden, 2017

-  Co-curated the New Biennial of Botkyrka "Transitions" Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

- "Nohome as a Pattern of Life" Gnesta Art Lab, Gnesta, Sweden, 2016

                                                       "Nassjo Kunsthall, Nassjo, Sweden, 2016

- "Maps to Collect Cities" Jonkoping Lans Museum, 2016

- "From the Diary of a Roamer" Bornholms Konstmuseum, Bornholms, Denmark, 2016

                                                         Jonkopings Lans Museum, Jonkoping, Sweden, 2014

- Co-curated "Make a Change" Kultur Centrum, Ronneby, 2016

- "I will Never Get Used to Wait" Skanes Konstforening, Malmo, 2017

                                                             Hinterland Gallerie, Vienna, 2015

                                                            Hangmen Kunsthall, Stockholm, 2015

                                                            TYS Udstillingsstedet, Copenhagen, 2015

-  "Post-Thousand and one Nights" Malongen, Stockholm, 2015

- "City in Transformation" video art program screened in Kunsthochschule Halle, Germany, 2016/ Videoformes festival, Clermont Ferrand, France, 2015/ Motorenhalle, riesa efau, Kultur Forum Dresden, Germany, 2015/ Magmart Festival, Naples, Italy, 2015/Les Instants Festival, Marseille, France, 2015, AIVA festival, Finspang, Sweden 2014

- "At the Plague" Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2015

- "How Are You Going? Are You Okay?" Gotham Arts Studios, Western Australia, 2014

- "I`d Rather Prefer Not To Speak About Politics Tonight" Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2014

- "East West Banana Split" Visual discourse between East and West, AllArtNow, Syria, 2012

- “Mosaic” visual project about diversity, ethnicity & coexistence in the Syrian society, AllArtNow, Syria, 2012

- “Zawer Zerkli” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Samir Safadi” in Maktab; Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Nawar Haidar” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Mahmoud Dayoub” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Jwan Khalaf” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Studio1” informal school for local emerging artists, Syria, 2011

- “Maha Shahin” Mustafa Ali Gallery, Syria, 2011

- “Living Spaces” The 2nd International festival for Contemporary Art (showed events in 5 public spaces in Damascus for 7 days and one public space in Aleppo, and curated show in different countries during the year in Italy, Germany, Greek, France and Canada), 2010

- “Behind Words” video art project with 10 emerging artists about relations between Man & Woman in Syrian society, (the project took part in more than 15 art events in Syria and abroad) produced, 2010

- “Once Upon A Time in Arab Countries" Arab Short Festival, Goethe Institute, Cairo, Egypt, 2010

- “In Silence” installation project for 7 emerging Syrian artists, AllArtNow, Syria, 2010

- “For Your Eye” Multi-Media project, AllArtNow, Syria, 2010

- “Fashion Diary” the participation of Syrian pavilion in the 1st biennial of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009

- “Trace” Interactive and performance project, AllArtNow, Damascus, 2009

- “Magnetism” Installation project, AllArtNow, Damascus, 2009

- 1st International festival for video art, Syria, 2009

- “Iman Hasbani” French Cultural Centre, Syria, 2009

- “Muhammad Ali” French Cultural Centre, Syria, 2009

- co-curated “Out of Circle”, Cultural palace, Damascus, 2008

- co-curated “here I Stand” AllArtNow, Syria, 2008

- “Ousama Diab – the Window”, in collaboration with Qattan foundation, Mustafa Ali Gallery, Syria, 2007

- “Doha Karimo – Miniature”, Jabri House Gallery, Syria, 2007

- "3 Emerging Syrian Artists" Ahmad Shawki Museum, Cairo, 2006

- "Cross Generations" honouring exhibition for Syrian modern Artists, Taksim Gallery, Istanbul, 2006

- Co-curated "Osmanian Monuments in Damascus" photograph exhibition, Istanbul Municipality, Turkey, 2006

- Co-curated "From Damascus" photograph exhibition in the public space, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006

- "Tendencies" Jabri House Gallery, Damascus, 2006


Curator for many residency program

- Exchange residency between Winnipeg/Canada and Stockholm/Tranas/Sweden, 2018/2019/2020

- Mentorship for the residency program “Residencies in Barcelona>Tunisia>Algeria” in collaboration with Jiser Foundation (Barcelona – Tunisia – Algeria) 2019/2020

- Curated residency to the following artists in Botkyrka Konsthall/Fittja/ 2016 to Dates

 Khaled Ramadan (Denmark/Lebanon) Migration archive, 2019

 Sofiane Zouggar (Algeria) “Waypoint Algeria” 2019

 Walid Aidood (Algeria) “Waypoint Algeria” 2019

 Shelley Vanderbyl (Algeria) “Artist Talk” 2018

 Signe Vad & Michelle Appelros (Denmark) “Two Cultures, One Meals” 2018

 Faten Chouba Skhiri (Tunisia) “Artist Talk and Research” 2018

 Rabaa Jedidi (Tunisia) “Modern and Contemporary art museum in Tunisia” 2018

 Khaled Ramadan (Denmark/Lebanon) “Between Vision and Visuality” 2018

 Rezan Arab (Denmark/Syria) “Going With the Wind” 2018

 Diana Jabi (Romania/Syria) "Home. Sisyphus" 2018

 Sookyoung Huh (Korea/Sweden) “Kimchi Stories Workshop” 2017

 Nisrine Boukhari (Austria/Syria) “Prose and Poetry Bar” 2017

 Seher Uysal (Turkey) “Artist talk and research” 2017

 Al-Fadhil, (Switzerland/Italy/Iraq) “Portraits from Fittja” 2017

 Maryam Omrani (Iran/Sweden) “I Always Pretend I don`t care” 2017

 Margarida Paiva (Norway) “For Every Silence, There is a void” 2017

 Muhammad Ali, (Sweden/Syria) In A Coma, 2016

- Co-curated - “New Arrival artists in Residency” at WIP, Stockholm, 2017

- Curated AllArtNow residency in Damascus from 2007 to 2012

Curator in residency at:

- Gnesta art lab, Gnesta, Sweden, Sept to Oct/2016

- MAWA organization, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Jun/2016

- Botkyrka Residence, Fittja, Sweden, March to Aug/2016

-  Malongen, the Nordic Guest Studio, Stockholm, Sept/2015

- The Austrian Federal ministry of education the arts and culture, in cooperation with Kulturkontakt, Vienna, Jan/Feb 2014

- Center of contemporary art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Jul/2013

- Iaspis (guest curator) Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Oct 2011

- The Danish Arts Agency (guest curator) Copenhagen, Roskilde, Sept 2011

- Stroom Den Haag (guest curator) Jun 2011

She gave Talks:

- “Allartnow as a Nomadic Space” Artlab Gnesta, Gnesta, Sweden, 2017

                                                               MAWA, Winnipeg, Canada, 2016

- “Women artists from Syria” Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Manitoba, Canada, 2016

- "Art space in Displacement" Kultur Centrum, Ronneby, 2016

- "Panel discussion about art practices in the conflict countries" Hangmen Project, Stockholm, 2015

- "Discussion between Maria Lantz and Abir Boukhari about art and society in Syria, Malongen, 2015

- "The contemporary art practices in Syria" The Royal institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

- "Archiving the Public, Reading the Walls" Depot Kunst Und Diskussion, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Art Practices in Syria; Individuality, Creativity and Instability" Academy of Fine arts, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Contemporary Art Practices in Syria: Yesterday and Today" IASPIS (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee), Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

- " Spot in the Art Practices in Syria" Jonkoping Lans Museum, Sweden, 2014

- "The Hub of Contemporary arts in Syria" Supermarket art fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

- "Archiving the Public, Reading the Walls" Depot Kunst Und Diskussion, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Art Practices in Syria; Individuality, Creativity and Instability" Academy of Fine arts, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Isolation, Breath to Die", Centre for contemporary art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, 2013

- “Studio1-In Need project”, Thread Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2012

- “Women`s in Action”, Erbil, Kurdistan, 2011

- “Stroom Invest Conference”, Stroom Den Haag, Hague, Netherlands, 2011 

- “AllArtNow” March Meeting, Sharjah Foundation, Sharjah, UAE, 2010

- “Café Mediterranean” SICA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010

- “AllArtNow space” Tate Modern, London, UK, 2009

- “Syrian Knowledge”, Deflina Foundation, London, UK, 2009

Organized the Syrian participation in:

- “9th International miniature art biennial" Canada, 2008, 1st award for painting, Iman Hasbani, Syria

- "Artist2006" the 16th Istanbul International Art Fair, Istanbul, 2006

- "Artist2005", the 15th Istanbul International Art Fair, Istanbul, 2005

- "8th International miniature art biennial" Canada, 2006

Project manager for:

- “Artist Council” Konstframjandet, Stockholm, 2016-2017

- “New Arrival residency” WIP, Stockholm, 2017

- Several artists in residence in cooperation with different partners, 2006 to dates

- Several artist talks for international artists in AllArtNow/Damascus from 2008 to 2012

- Exchange residency program between artists from UK & Syria, 2009 to 2010

- Training the trainers in Medial and Political Education for Youth (with Organizations from Finland, Germany and Jordan) Youth4Media institute/Munster/Germany, June2009

- “Flicker” video art project in collaboration with British council, Damascus, 2009

- Training about Sexual Education by using arts (Graffiti & Media workshops) with LastPlak/Netherlands, Damascus, 2008