AllArtNow organization

AllArtNow is considered to be the first independent collective space in Syria for visual arts, multimedia and contemporary arts.   Founded in 2005, by curator Abir Boukhari and artist Nisrine Boukhari. the initiative aims to create greater opportunities for emerging Syrian artists and the development of the contemporary arts practice in Syria.

The initial focus of the organisation was to establish virtual links with the international art world by Internet. Through the tenacity of AllArtNow’s founders, this resulted in numerous exhibitions, training and workshops for Syrian artists abroad.  Since 2008, AllArtNow’s work has expanded from virtual exchanges to physical interactions with local artists and audiences.  A neglected house in the old city of Damascus serves as AllArtNow’s laboratory for art.  It is a hub for emerging artistic practice and serves as a meeting point for local and international artists to exchange ideas and form collaborations.

AllArtNow has succeeded in creating opportunities for Syrian artists to: 

  • Learn by structured or informal training, especially for art and new media;
  • Produce new artworks;
  • Diffuse artistic production and show artworks of Syrian artists abroad; and
  • Exchange with international artists via residencies and workshops.

AllArtNow has been selected to participate in many international events. In 2009, we produced the first contemporary art festival in Damascus as we organized in 2011 an informal school for contemporary art. To date, AllArtNow has succeeded in creating opportunities for artists in Syria and abroad.

Since July 2012, allartnow closed its door in Syria to open it to Syrian refugee families and starts to work in different places in the world as a nomdic space.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new life 
(article published about AllArtNow in 2014)
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