About out of the circle

The Arab world lives several situations and problems as: wars, poverty, globalization and modernity.

Because of these hard situations, people –especially the youth- affected and get confused: They influenced in this ambiances around them.

They are working to find way and goal for their life.

Inside this errant, it increases the desire to escape Out of the Circle of their life and country. Maybe they will find refuge for their dreams and arts.

The Project of Out of the Circle, It is an artistic experience for six youth artists from two Arabic countries (Egypt & Syria) in year 2008. They are gathered to discover their visions, their feelings out of the circle of their life and countries.

Also how this experience can affect their arts and discover themselves through communications, discussions and observing outside the circle of their daily life and discover the others

The project is based on organizing workshop and exhibition in these two countries for the six artists.

We will start by making workshop where the artists will meet, work, discuss and discover the new country.

After the workshop we will exhibit the artworks of these six artists adding the artworks executed during the workshop

At the end of each workshop, there will be a panel discussion attending by artists, and critics. To assess this experiment in each coun­try, also there will be art works resulting of the workshop and the creativity change of each artist that happened during the time outside their circles.

Why we have chosen Egypt & Syria as place of the project

All of us know the important role of these two countries in the history of the region in the past and now.

As we not neglected the following reasons:

-Great arts history of the two countries

-Damascus is the capital of Arab culture in 2008

-Year 2008 will be a great opportunity to meet with Arab creators in Damascus

-The two countries have commons history, future hopes, conditions and economics dreams

-Egypt and Syria are still new for the contemporary arts and they are trying to find their opportunity to exhibits for young talented artist

Participating artists
Syrian Artists: Ziad Alhalabi – Shahin Abd Allah – Nisrine Boukhari
Egyptian Artists: Asmaa El-Nawawy – Ahmed Abdel Fatah – Haytham Nawar

:الفنانون المشاركون
الفنانون السوريون المشاركون: زياد الحلبي  - شاهين عبد الله – نسرين البخاري

الفنانون المصريون المشاركون: أسماء النواوي – أحمد عبد الفتاح – هيثم نوار

Photos from the show
صور من المعرض