About Magnetism

”Magnetism ” is an artistically and cultural project aims to gather 8 artists in AllArtNow space to show their installation projects

It is many projects in one time to create a conversation between local artists and artists abroad through workshop and exhibition.

Some years ago, Syria was considered as isolated country because of political reasons but in the last few years, many changes happened in the country through many international and local reasons, one of them is the governmental strategies who starts to follow the desire of people to have more changes in the country.

Our generation will be remembered as the generation who lived into 2 periods (closed – open) and who take the risk to create, flourish new period and to start the communication with the other for better life.

The cultural scene usually effects from the other conditions of the country life, for this reason, you could mention that the cultural scene in Syria is still trying to build relations, contact, and discover the art scene in the world and to take part on it.

AllArtnow could  be an example about –the avant garde Syrian scene- where we create the space independently, and we found that the space itself attracts many organizations and artists to visit us and to suggest a cooperation with us.

In this project, the artists came from different areas where they spirit by the space to produce their artworks

Thus I invite them to gather together and to work in the same time where each one has chosen room to work, discuss and exchange ideas with the other about arts and finally to show their independent projects

For them, AllArtNow is really a unique space in the country has its unique magnetic to spirit you to produce arts.

 Abir Boukhari 

 Participating artists

Adrian Lee (UK) 

Barbu Bejan (Romania) Lea Maudet (France) 

Bayan Alsheikh (Syria) 

Iman Hasbani (Syria) 

Muhammad Ali (Syria) 

Nisrine Boukhari (Syria) 

KON (be)

Sugar, Salt & Poison…

Which one of them?

Where I belong and to whom?

It is his Light

Are there any passenger in his cosmic could enter to this light

And to choose one of this white

It is your choice

So choose of the whites

Enter to the white space, touch the softness, the tender, the light and realized of your choice,

Not all the white it is white


سكر ، ملح ، سُم...

أيّهم ؟

إلى أين أنتمي ؟ و لمن أنتمي؟

هو نوره

و هل من مسافرٍ في فلكه يستطيع الولوج في هذا النور

و اختيار شيء من هذا الأبيض

هو خيارك

فلتختار بين الأبيض

ادخل الفضاء الأبيض و تحسس النعومة ، الليونة ، النور و تحقق من اختيارك ، فليس كل الأبيض أبيضا

Tobias Collier (UK)