Abir Boukhari

From Damascus-Syria

Based in Stockholm-Sweden


Phone No: 0765798955

Co-Director of AllArtNow organization, 2005 to Date



Background and education

- Graduated from Curatorlab, Konstfack University, Stockholm, Sweden (awarded Ulla Froberg-Cramers scholarship)

- Training about "Audience Development for Art Institutions" Museums Akademie, Vienna/Graz, 2014

- Course about conflict resolution, reconciliation and tolerance through art, Washington DC/Austin/Santa Fe/NYC, 2012

- Curatorial internship with Hamburger Bahnhof museum, Oct-Nov/2012

- Cultural management workshop with Goethe institute, 2012

- Curatorial Internship with Tate Britain, Aug/2009 to January/2010

- Course in “Cultural Value” Academia Vitae/Deventer, Netherlands, July/2009

- Cultural management workshop “Melopee5” France, Nov 2008

- International young creative entrepreneur program, British council, UK, Oct08,

- Curatorial workshop Townhouse Gallery, May/2007

- Cultural management workshop, Amman, Nov/2007

- Training about project management in development society (Training in 4 phases) UNDP, Syria, 2008/2009

- Short Courses in business administration and management at Damascus Commercial Chamber, 2003/2004

- Achieved French Literature faculty at Damascus University, Syria, 1999

- Participate in several programs for Euro-Med:

Relaunch Euro-Med Youth Platform, Malta, 2008,

Dialogue & Cultural diversity, Amman, 2008

Shorouk training about youth Exchange, Rome, 2008

Intercultural dialogue program, Damascus, 2008

        Euro-Med Youth Platform, Alexandria, Dec07


Curator in residency at:

- Gnesta art lab, Gnesta, Sweden, Sept to Oct/2016

- MAWA organization, (visiting curator) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Jun/2016

- Botkyrka Residence, Fittja, Sweden, March to Aug/2016

-  Malongen, the Nordic Guest Studio, Stockholm, Sept/2015

- The Austrian Federal ministry of education the arts and culture, in cooperation with Kulturkontakt, Vienna, Jan/Feb 2014

- Centre of contemporary art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Jul/2013

- Iaspis (visiting curator) Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Oct 2011

- The Danish Arts Agency (visiting curator) Copenhagen, Roskilde, Sept 2011

- Stroom Den Haag (visiting curator) Jun 2011



- “Thoughts on a Vague Road” (as a part of Aswat Souriya project) World culture museum, Gothenburg, 2017

- "Museum of Preserving City" Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland, 2017

                                                        Botkyrka Kunsthall, Fittja, Sweden, 2016

- co-curated “Mat and Konst festival” Botkryka festival, Fittja, 2017

- "Something Can happen Beyond Expectation" Swab Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain, 2017

                                                                                      Rostrum Gallery, Malmo, Sweden, 2017

- "AllArtNow in residence Botkyrka" Botkyrka residence, Fittja, Sweden, 2017

-  Co-curated the New Biennial of Botkyrka "Transitions" Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

- "Nohome as a Pattern of Life" Gnesta Art Lab, Gnesta, Sweden, 2016

                                                       "Nassjo Kunsthall, Nassjo, Sweden, 2016

- "Maps to Collect Cities" Jonkoping Lans Museum, 2016

- "From the Diary of a Roamer" Bornholms Konstmuseum, Bornholms, Denmark, 2016

                                                         Jonkopings Lans Museum, Jonkoping, Sweden, 2014

- Co-curated "Make a Change" Kultur Centrum, Ronneby, 2016

- "I will Never Get Used to Wait" Skanes Konstforening, Malmo, 2017

                                                             Hinterland Gallerie, Vienna, 2015

                                                            Hangmen Kunsthall, Stockholm, 2015

                                                            TYS Udstillingsstedet, Copenhagen, 2015

-  "Post-Thousand and one Nights" Malongen, Stockholm, 2015

- "City in Transformation" video art program screened in Kunsthochschule Halle, Germany, 2016/ Videoformes festival, Clermont Ferrand, France, 2015/ Motorenhalle, riesa efau, Kultur Forum Dresden, Germany, 2015/ Magmart Festival, Naples, Italy, 2015/Les Instants Festival, Marseille, France, 2015, AIVA festival, Finspang, Sweden 2014

- "At the Plague" Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2015

- "How Are You Going? Are You Okay?" Gotham Arts Studios, Western Australia, 2014

- "I`d Rather Prefer Not To Speak About Politics Tonight" Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2014

- "East West Banana Split" Visual discourse between East and West, AllArtNow, Syria, 2012

- “Mosaic” visual project about diversity, ethnicity & coexistence in the Syrian society, AllArtNow, Syria, 2012

- “Zawer Zerkli” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Samir Safadi” in Maktab; Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Nawar Haidar” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Mahmoud Dayoub” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Jwan Khalaf” in Maktab;Creative Zone, Syria, 2012

- “Studio1” informal school for local emerging artists, Syria, 2011

- “Maha Shahin” Mustafa Ali Gallery, Syria, 2011

- “Living Spaces” The 2nd International festival for Contemporary Art (showed events in 5 public spaces in Damascus for 7 days and one public space in Aleppo, and curated show in different countries during the year in Italy, Germany, Greek, France and Canada), 2010

- “Behind Words” video art project with 10 emerging artists about relations between Man & Woman in Syrian society, (the project took part in more than 15 art events in Syria and abroad) produced, 2010

- “Once Upon A Time in Arab Countries" Arab Short Festival, Goethe Institute, Cairo, Egypt, 2010

- “In Silence” installation project for 7 emerging Syrian artists, AllArtNow, Syria, 2010

- “For Your Eye” Multi-Media project, AllArtNow, Syria, 2010

- “Fashion Diary” the participation of Syrian pavilion in the 1st biennial of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009

- “Trace” Interactive and performance project, AllArtNow, Damascus, 2009

- “Magnetism” Installation project, AllArtNow, Damascus, 2009

- 1st International festival for video art, Syria, 2009

- “Iman Hasbani” French Cultural Centre, Syria, 2009

- “Muhammad Ali” French Cultural Centre, Syria, 2009

- co-curated “Out of Circle”, Cultural palace, Damascus, 2008

- co-curated “here I Stand” AllArtNow, Syria, 2008

- “Ousama Diab – the Window”, in collaboration with Qattan foundation, Mustafa Ali Gallery, Syria, 2007

- “Doha Karimo – Miniature”, Jabri House Gallery, Syria, 2007

- "3 Emerging Syrian Artists" Ahmad Shawki Museum, Cairo, 2006

- "Cross Generations" honouring exhibition for Syrian modern Artists, Taksim Gallery, Istanbul, 2006

- Co-curated "Osmanian Monuments in Damascus" photograph exhibition, Istanbul Municipality, Turkey, 2006

- Co-curated "From Damascus" photograph exhibition in the public space, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006

- "Tendencies" Jabri House Gallery, Damascus, 2006


She gave Talks:

- “Allartnow as a Nomadic Space” Artlab Gnesta, Gnesta, Sweden, 2017

                                                               MAWA, Winnipeg, Canada, 2016

- “Women artists from Syria” Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Manitoba, Canada, 2016

- "Art space in Displacement" Kultur Centrum, Ronneby, 2016

- "Panel discussion about art practices in the conflict countries" Hangmen Project, Stockholm, 2015

- "Discussion between Maria Lantz and Abir Boukhari about art and society in Syria, Malongen, 2015

- "The contemporary art practices in Syria" The Royal institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

- "Archiving the Public, Reading the Walls" Depot Kunst Und Diskussion, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Art Practices in Syria; Individuality, Creativity and Instability" Academy of Fine arts, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Contemporary Art Practices in Syria: Yesterday and Today" IASPIS (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee), Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

- " Spot in the Art Practices in Syria" Jonkoping Lans Museum, Sweden, 2014

- "The Hub of Contemporary arts in Syria" Supermarket art fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

- "Archiving the Public, Reading the Walls" Depot Kunst Und Diskussion, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Art Practices in Syria; Individuality, Creativity and Instability" Academy of Fine arts, Vienna, Austria, 2014

- "Isolation, Breath to Die", Centre for contemporary art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, 2013

- “Studio1-In Need project”, Thread Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2012

- “Women`s in Action”, Erbil, Kurdistan, 2011

- “Stroom Invest Conference”, Stroom Den Haag, Hague, Netherlands, 2011 

- “AllArtNow” March Meeting, Sharjah Foundation, Sharjah, UAE, 2010

- “Café Mediterranean” SICA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010

- “AllArtNow space” (Informal talk to Tate curators), Tate Modern, London, UK, 2009

- “Syrian Knowledge”, Deflina Foundation, London, UK, 2009

Organized the Syrian participation in:

- “9th International miniature art biennial" Canada, 2008, 1st award for painting, Iman Hasbani, Syria

- "Artist2006" the 16th Istanbul International Art Fair, Istanbul, 2006

- "Artist2005", the 15th Istanbul International Art Fair, Istanbul, 2005

- "8th International miniature art biennial" Canada, 2006

Project manager for:

- “Artist Council” Konstframjandet, Stockholm, 2016-2017

- “New Arrival residency” WIP, Stockholm, 2017

- Several artists in residence in cooperation with different partners, 2006 to dates

- Several artist talks for international artists in AllArtNow/Damascus from 2008 to 2012

- Exchange residency program between artists from UK & Syria, 2009 to 2010

- Training the trainers in Medial and Political Education for Youth (with Organizations from Finland, Germany and Jordan) Youth4Media institute/Munster/Germany, June2009

- “Flicker” video art project in collaboration with British council, Damascus, 2009

- Training about Sexual Education by using arts (Graffiti & Media workshops) with LastPlak/Netherlands, Damascus, 2008